Original review author: SinisterTwist
Webcomic name: dream*scar
Author: Heather Meade
Start Date 2009?
End Date Ongoing
Genre Horror, Anime
Reviewer's opinion: 4 Stars
Positives: Nice artwork, good premise
Negatives: Doesn't update all that often

Story and Plot

The basic premise of dream*scar is that you have a world where all of the spooky stuff is real. Vampires exist, as do witches, demons and angels. However, rather than embrace the supernatural the denizens of this world hunt them down and imprison them or worse. If you have something you can hide, you better believe that the supernatural being will hide that power.

Our heroine Vix has strange telepathic powers, not all of which are harmless. After her powers go haywire and kills a bunch of her schoolmates, she finds herself hunted by society and on the run.

Art review

While using an anime/manga style is extremely common in the webcomic world (to the point of abuse), this is one of the very rare comics where the artist is actually good at it. Granted, she's not at the top professional level but for someone who claims to be mostly self taught, she's pretty darn good.


She's better at it than many non-Japanese artists are, anyway.

Writing review

So far, the story is pretty decent. As of this article writing, the strip is only up to about 60-some pages, so there's still lots of room to grow and I almost hate to make a snap judgment about the writing. (For good or bad.)

Offhand, the premise is decent and it looks like it could shape up to be a pretty interesting strip. The only thing that worries me is that this comic feels like it is the type that should have a very specific beginning and end to it. Too many times what happens in these situations is that the comic gets dragged out longer than it should and part of me is afraid that is what might happen in this comic. This is a universe where there's lots of potential for many different stories to be told from various viewpoints, so I hope that the author keeps it fresh.


This comic has a lot of potential to it and I hope that it continues to be as good as it is now. It's a bit early to make a judgment one way or another, but the comic has started off to a good start and there's already a decent fan following to this strip. The author manages to refrain from doing all of the manga webcomic cliches so far (all Japanese names, filling it to the brim with KAWAII!!1! mannerisms, etc) and I have to applaud her for that.

She's evidently put quite a bit of thought and work into this comic and it shows.

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