Love and Capes
Original review author: SinisterTwist
Webcomic name: Love and Capes
Author: Thom Zahler
Start Date 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Superhero, Parody
Reviewer's opinion: Five Stars
Positives: Great artwork, good parody
Negatives: Webcomic posting isn't up to date with the comic issues

Story and Plot

Love and Capes is an indie comic that is currently being released in webcomic format by its author Zahler. It's at least a good six issues behind the current comics, with the current storyline as of 5/23/10 wrapping up the first half of the series. The entire series is a parody of the superhero genre, with the Crusader being a Superman clone and other popular comic book heroes having their own counterparts in this comic.

The story follows the Crusader as he tries to juggle his real life with his superhero life. Along for the ride is his devoted girlfriend Abby, a bookseller with her own store. While the Crusader has to fight the forces of darkness, his girlfriend Abby has to deal with the pressures of dating a superhero. Not only does she worry about whether he'll survive his latest fight but she also has to worry about his statuesque and exotically beautiful ex-girlfriend Amazonia!

Art review

The artwork really suits the comic, being neither "serious" or too whimsical. It has a wonderful use of color and I like how the character's appearances slowly change over time. It's nice to see a comic where the characters don't stay completely static. While the characters don't age, there are some small differences in their general appearance.

Writing review

With there being years and years of superhero comics to parody, this comic has plenty of material to draw on. Part of the charm of the series is that the author makes it a parody without it venturing into the "Naked Gun" or "Not Another Teen Movie" category. Not that this would be a bad thing, but Zahler tries to play it straight for the most part.


This is a decent series that is sure to please many fans of superhero genres and with at least six more issues worth of comics to go, there's not going to be any shortage of comics for the foreseeable future.

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