Mahou Oh No!
Original review author: Genkigami
Webcomic name: Mahou Oh No!
Author: Miranda Leigh
Start Date August 3rd, 2009
End Date Ongoing
Genre Furry, Anime, Fetish
Defining Flaw Cleavage. Ass cleavage, boob cleavage, cameltoe, cleavage for all! And somewhere, the plot disappears in that cleavage.

Ratings summary:


I was skimming the "This needs to be done" section and most of the comics I haven't heard of or didn't have any motivation to tear apart. Then I saw a request for Mahou Oh No! Now, Mahou means "magic" in Japanese. One point against them, fucking weeaboos. So basically their title is "Magic Oh No!" But Mahou Oh No! sounds so much more CRRRRRRAZY!

Mahou Oh No! is definitely not the worst comic out there. It's bad, but it's only bad due to the author losing sight of the fact that they're making a comic.


There was the point that- Ah, who am I kidding. This was always about sexualizing every female character! The first goddamn page you get treated to a pantyshot. And by treated, I mean brutally tortured. The comic had no fucking point to begin with, so there was no place for it to tumble down from.

Story and Plot

Jack fucking BAUER couldn't find the plot if he tried. Okay, he's the plot as far as I understand it. Some stupid teenagers at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Vardaark Institute for Magical Arts are messing around with a spellbook they found, and all of the sudden, it makes their clothes melt! Because that cotton was standing between the artist and the boobage.

And then the one male character turns into a woman! Kids messing with magical powers that end up switching genders and then being cursed with fanservice for all eternity? I think I've seen this before.

But wait! THERE'S MORE. The male character who turned into a woman with massive tits…. then turns into a DRAGON woman with massive tits! And that's where the current story ends. They're still continuing it. And may God have mercy.

Art review

To the author's credit, you can tell the characters apart. But otherwise it's your generic animu-furry style. The one problem, again, is Las Lindas syndrome. The entire comic revolves around massive boobs and ass and pantyshots. Also, it has its slips as well. For example, a sudden shift to "chibi" for no good reason, if there's anything as such. But chances are you won't even notice with all the transgenderism and boobs jumping all over your face.

But, yes, there is more! For instance, none of the speech bubbles have pointers to tell who's speaking what. None, which means you're mostly guessing. That's especially jarring because even characters that are off-screen speak in this comic, and there's not even a typographic aid to tell who's who.

Writing review

What writing? Mahou Oh No! is about fanservice, they don't have any interest in making a comic worthy of your time. After all, you don't hire a hooker to debate about Obama's health care plan, do you?

What little writing there is, it's the character freaking out and spewing magical girl-esque dialogue so corny it would make Sailor Moon facepalm. It's so cheesy and forced it feels like the author was making a comic to whack off to and then realized "OH SHIT. I NEED DIALOGUE" and threw it in there just to look competent.

Author biography

As far as I know, the author really doesn't have any drama points against them. The only thing they have going against them is the fact that they sell transformation porn for two bucks a pop and advertise on Fur Affinity.


Mahou Oh No! isn't bad in the way Dominic Deegan is bad. It isn't bad in the ways of Ctrl+Alt+Del. It doesn't reach the top of badness, just skims the surface. The point of Mahou Oh No! isn't to make you laugh, cry, or feel any emotion at all. It's spank fodder through and through.

Fans of furry porn have notoriously short attention spans, which is probably why every fucking page of this comic is fanservice. If Mahou Oh No! had a storyline outside of tits, tits, ass, tits, cameltoe, then it'd probably be tolerable.

Mahou Oh No! has the same problem as the majority of kawaii boilove comics on SmackJeeves written by 13 year old girls; they figured as long as their audience is distracted by either yaoi or breasts, they can half-ass everything else and get away with it. But tough shit, some people are immune to it.


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