Original review author: Fear Loan Man
Webcomic name: Nivlek
Author: Chris Farrington
Start Date 10/01/2003
End Date Ongoing
Genre Creepy furry pornography
Circle of Webcomics Hell residence Second Circle
Things that are fucking terrible about this webcomic: Two words: "Baby furs"
Things that aren't terrible but could use improvement: He could stop and get some professional help.
Summary: A horrid furry comic that only exists to feed the author's fetishes.


If there's one thing I've noticed about furries, other then the fact most of them are whiny drama whores, is that a lot of them have a secondary fetish of some sort. Beside masturbating to pictures of cartoon animals, they have another kink that makes cracking one out in front of Tiny Toons seem almost normal. I theorise that most of these people have this secondary fetish before they join the all excepting, no-questions-asked-no-matter-how-fucked-up-you-are ranks of all things fuzzy.

With that in mind, let me introduce Nivlek by Chris Farrington, or “Kelvin the Lion” as he likes to be called. Excuse me while my eyeballs roll so hard they fall out of my skull. You see, furry was just the introductory drug for Chris. His scraggly little spliff behind the bike-sheds. Nothing that anyone except his mother would get worked up about. However, once he learned that there are people that would not only tolerate his other fetishes, but would actively praise him for it, he started hitting the hard stuff until the insides of his nose fell out and not even a doctor could find a good vein!

Story and Plot

Saying this mess has a story is a bit misleading. The word “story” would imply some sort of plot, instead of a series of random brain farts Chris' uses to shoehorn in his multiple fetishes. The comic revolves around the most blatant self-insertion character ever seen outside Tim Buckley's skull. “Nivlek” is “Kelvin” backwards you see. Yes, real clever Chris. Using an acronym of your name is lame enough, but your avatars? Please.

Anyway, Nivlek is a snow leopard that can make it snow on demand for no apparent reason, and he bumbles though a number of increasingly retarded storylines that is very likely made up by Chris as he went along like a fucked up bed-time story. These will likely be about:

Over eating.
Babying (wearing nappies and crapping yourself etc).
All of the above and many more!

Mix that shit in with a load of 80's and 90's references and you've got this comic!


It would be easy for me to say Nivlek has always sucked, because that would be the truth. However, that wouldn't be fair, and besides, I wanted to return to my little theory in tossed out in the introduction. Before Nivlek, Chris had drawn a number of other comics, foremost of these being a cute and unimaginatively named furry strip, “Macropod Madness.” Sure it had it's share of slightly odd storylines, but for the most part, Macropod Madness was nothing horrible that could be read without the reader feeling the need to stab their own eyes out…. At first. Even that has suffered the mold of Chris' degradation, although not to the point Nivlek has. However, he did show a bit of originality once (if you call ripping off reality TV shows original) with another comic “11 will die,” where Chris bumped of characters at the whim of other artists until there was one left.

No, the rot set in with the creation of that fucking snow leopard. Thanks to furries being a bunch of horrific sycophants to possible producers of wank material, nobody told Chris to stop. If they did, the “troll” would be shouted down by the horde Chris' equally perverted fans.

Author biography

I don't know much about Mr Farrington, other then he has issues. Many, many, many issues.

Art review

If the subject matter wasn't bad enough, the art is the bow tying up this box of shit. While the characters have something resembling human proportions, they all have this weird children's cartoon look to them, that with the content turns the creepiness dial up to eleven! To top it all off, the art is steadily getting worse. Nivlek starts with full colour comic pages with detailed backgrounds. The colour doesn't last long, but the full comic pages remain. Over time the number of panels decrease, and the backgrounds all but disappear. The characters are also not as well drawn as they once were, and it reeks of laziness.

Writing review

As I mentioned before, all the stories seem to be made up on the spot to satisfy whatever gets Chris' little solder up that day. This is made obvious by a time travel story line where one of the characters not recognizing Nivlek when she was introduced, despite the fact they already met in the past. There was clearly no forward planning involved. All this isn't helped by Chris' lack of writing skill. Now I'm the last one to criticize a person's writing, but even I know there are things you do not do. In fact the first page is an itemized list of literary faux pas. He even manages to break the forth wall, in the very first panel. Way to go champ!


I honestly don't know what to say. While though all the weirdness, it's not as bad as Kit 'n' Kay Boodle. That's not saying much, but that's the most positive thing I can think of about this train wreck.


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  • The host The guy who hosts this crap has an even WORSE comic. Maybe I'll tackle that one day if I hate myself enough to read it.
  • Macropod Madness One of Chris' other strips.
  • 11 Will Die The Survivor rip off which isn't that bad honestly.
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