Quacker and Bowen
Original review author: IamOptimusPrime
Webcomic name: Quacker and Bowen
Author: Mark Garabedian
Start Date 2003, though it originally was in a newspaper in 1998. It was then rebooted in 2001, two years before it went online.
End Date Ongoing, sadly.
Genre Furry, video games
Defining Flaw Horrid artwork, stupid jokes, and a usual formula: Bowen ask Quacker something, then Quacker says something "funny". Also, a gaming comic with animals….hasn't that been done a million times before?

Ratings summary:


We all love animals. We also love video games, and we love webcomics…..but there are times where these three must stay far, faaaaaaar away from each other (Sex should also stay away from these, as shown by Kit n' Kay Boodle). In this case, what we got was Quacker and Bowen, whose Artwork is so bad it makes Jack look like James Cameron's Avatar!

Of course, this shitfest first started out in 1998 as part of the Concord Animals section in The Concord Academy newspaper, the Centipede. Three years later, Mark Garabedian, the author behind this, rebooted it in 2001, where it sadly began its weekly run in a college. In 2003, it was put online so the whole world could see…….its horrors.


It was and will never be good. Simple as that.

Story and Plot

There is no plot. It's basically random situations, like nearly all gamer comics. Again, very original, Mark! Although we do have characters, with no personalty. Our main character is Quacker, basically a Sonic fag who you can obviously tell he was ripped off from Daffy Duck. Next is Bowen, some dog thing that always smokes and likes video games…and yeah, that's it. Then we have Opal, who apparently owns the apartment Quacker and Bowen live in. He is said to be an old friend of his, but to me he basically hates his guts (I would too, if they would put a fake corpse in my bathtub, try to dress up like Venom with chocolate attracting ants, and doing all sorts of crazy shit an insane fucking asshole would do.) Then there is Bowen's sister, which Quacker has a boner for…yup, that's all. Finally, we have Peeps, a ghost who haunts Quacker for no good reason. Oh, and Mark inserts himself into the comic at times, like every other authors would do!

Art review

The art is bad.

So fucking bad.

Do I need to link to any of the comics? Just go to the site, look at the comic, and you'll most likely be disgusted. As I said before, the humans are the worse part. They look like inflated dolls mixed with Play Dough for fuck's sakes! The backgrounds lack so much detail, so much that I think Kirbopher can do better.

Writing review

The comic follows a usual formula: One of Quacker's friends ask something, then Quacker responds trying to be funny, even though he's not. There's also one of Quacker's friends asking what he's doing, he says something that seems normal, His friend applauds him for being good, but then he responds with a twist (Oh Quacker, you went to a Strip club, how funny!!!).

Author biography

Eh, I think Mark Garabedian is a pretty cool guy. Eh goes around and makes shitty comics and doesn't afraid of anything.

He's also a Sonic fag, much like Quacker. To show his ultimate Sonic fanboyniss by having a site that's apparently a Church that fucking worships Shadow. I'm dead serious.


You see what happens when animals, games, and webcomics mix together? We get horrid monstrosities like this piece of shit, with bad artwork, bad characters, and well…bad everything.


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