Quitting Time
Original review author: SinisterTwist
Webcomic name: Quitting Time
Author: Michael Moss & Linda Howard
Start Date 2006
End Date Ongoing
Genre Parody, Comedy
Reviewer's opinion: 3 Stars
Positives: Most of the time, the jokes hit the mark, decent artwork
Negatives: After a while the jokes just get a little overly repetitive

Story and Plot

Ever worked retail? Then you know how shitty it can get. That idea is the premise of this comic strip: the absolute worst bits of retail, hammed up for comedic effect.

The early strips are very one-shot, showing the main characters of Nate and Frank as they attempt to find a steady job that pays well enough and doesn't involve them having to demean themselves too overly much. As the series progressed, more of a plot got developed and story lines got drawn out over several strips. Recently more characters, including the strip's first positive reoccurring female character (that shows up for more than a one-off strip), have begun to appear in the series.

Art review

While the art isn't great by professional standards, it isn't bad either. As with many webcomics, you can see where the artwork has improved over the years as the artist got used to the characters and developed their preferred style. The comic is drawn playfully enough, which matches the completely non-serious tone of the series.

What makes this artwork better than many other webcomic artwork is that the artist isn't copying anyone else's style and he manages to do decent anatomy work- something many webcomics don't seem to manage all that well.

Writing review

The writing for the series is ok, but like I said above- after a while the one offs get a little dull and the plot lines tend to get a little repetitive. While poking fun at the multiple shortcomings of retail jobs has its merits, it isn't enough to carry a strip over multiple years. Once in a while you'll get a glimpse of Nate's home life with his son Timmy and his brainless ex-wife, but even that gets repetitive after a while.

Luckily the comic seems to be trying to do something new, with the introduction of new characters and the author hinting at more plot development.


While this won't be burning it's way up to the #1 spot on TopWebcomics.com anytime soon, it isn't a bad webcomic. Anyone who has ever worked retail or known someone who has can find a decent chuckle in this comic. The authors manage to capture most of the issues of job work and searches without really alienating anyone or making it too "in-jokey".

It's mostly a mediocre comic, but it is one that I do check up on a few times a month. It isn't my favorite, but it is good enough to keep in my favorites bar. Hopefully the new characters and the promise of more plot will breathe some new life into this comic, otherwise it is pretty much destined to remain in relative obscurity.

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