The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Original review author: Phillip Chanter
Webcomic name: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (Or just "Dr. McNinja" for short.)
Author: Christopher Hastings (Writer/Artist), Anthony Clark (Colorist), Kent Archer (Inker)
Start Date Summer 2004
End Date Ongoing
Genre Comedy, Action Adventure
Reviewer's opinion: drmcninjaicon.jpgdrmcninjaicon.jpgdrmcninjaicon.jpgdrmcninjaicon.jpgdrmcninjaicon.jpg He's a doctor who also happens to be a ninja! It's really hard not to love this comic, as nitpicky as I can be, I enjoyed every minute of reading this comic. Very professionally done, clever writing, and all around entertaining comic. You'd have to be a soulless witch to hate Dr. McNinja. 5/5
Positives: Very hilarious and highly creative humor! Very hard to not love any of this comic.
Negatives: This may just be me grasping at straws here, but whenever Christopher does the inking (earlier comics) the comic gets really sloppy, um… let's just say that the quality in the first couple of online issues were pretty shabby *Dodges tomatoes*. Also clean up those stray marks I keep seeing at the bottom most panels will ya?! *Gets pelted by a tomato*

Art Review

Let's begin with what I think will make people hate me and howl out for my blood, the art. Dr. McNinja's start was kinda awkward lookin', anatomy wasn't as great back then, and often at times the inking was very haphazard. However this is mainly due to inkers switching at times, often switching the inking duties for a very good reason (read the alt text on that page). Towards the second half of Dr. McNinja #5 the art takes a significant level up as the inking becomes more consistent, the anatomy becomes a lot easier on the eyes and more believable. Once the comic became colored the quality took another turn for the better as the artists experimented more with the moods and the settings of the environment they were in, the end result is a very beautiful comic that's not only professional, but is also fun to look at with creative settings and visuals.


Story & Plot

Hoo boy! I don't know what to say after reading these comics! It's so ludicrous that you'd easily say "There's no story, it's just all awesome!" but it's so intelligently written that anybody can say "The stories here are GENIUS! But they're also INSANE!" Well, I'm inclined to agree to both actually as when you hear the phrase "He's a doctor, who is also a ninja" you'd have to picture some crazy shit going down from the beginning! The story simply enough is about Dr. McNinja, a ninja of Irish decent who aspired to be a physician, what happens from there is he fights Ronald McDonald, punches Dracula, and he even plays volleyball to save the world! And that's only half of the comics presented right now!

Each story is up to 50 or 60 pages on average and isn't bogged down by unnecessary dialogue, nor pointlessly dragged out action sequences, the creators know how to keep the story moving and interesting without having to rely on the visuals alone for a joke, the current plot has Dr. McNinja pitted against the diabolically radical King Radical, a man who blew up his office, and dealing with pirates who currently have a clone of the good doctor locked up! I think the stories and plot here prove that Crazy doesn't necessarily mean stupid, with Dr. McNinja, crazy means awesome and getting nuts!

Writing Review

Here's where he suffers… er wait… no! That's not what I mean! Actually, the writing is not only intelligent, but it also takes all the craziness associated with the good doctor and makes it somewhat believable. How can you take the story of volleyball and use it as a doomsday scenario? Even ridiculous jokes such as Dan McNinja eating poison beats and sucking out the poison into his eyeballs will come back later with hilarious consequences! It's safe to say that the McNinja crew knows what the fuck they're doing, and others can take example of their writing and creativity. Where else can you read about a Ninja riding robo Dracula from the moon to the earth?



Very fun comic to read, great writing, great visuals (forgiving the first few issues as they improved vastly), and always original storytelling! This is what "Looking For Group" wants to be but it simply cannot be! Dr. McNinja is a perfect example of taking everything you think is awesome, putting it down on paper, and making it all work! A must read for anybody who enjoys clever works such as this and comics like Perry Bible Fellowship.


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